i-on Faces

Positively Forever Young

Your personalized face chart for day and night.

Allow the professionals at Basix Cosmetics to create a customized face chart that shows you exactly what colors and products work well with your skintone, eye color and hair color that will make your unique personality shine.

Fill out the form below and describe you and your face or make it easier and send us your photo. In response you will receive a detailed description of what lip, eye and blush colors will work best for you, a customized face chart and a few recommended products. Use this information to find the perfect products in the colors that work for you.

Step 1.

Tell us about Your Face


    brownblondeauburnother If other,

    Step 2.

    Make Payment

    Total Cost $20 which can be applied to any purchase however a purchase is not necessary.


    Step 3.

    Once we receive payment and your face details , we will email you within 2-3 days with your face chart.