Makeup Styles for the Everyday American Woman:


New York Minute:

In a hurry? Really, who isn’t in NY? Whether you have 5 minutes before you leave the house or time to waste on the train. Don’t start your busy day without these.



We’ve found the right products to complete your already perfect look.


Day Look:

Brighten your day with these selected products to achieve the best you during the day.

Night Look:

Ready for a fun night out? Don’t forget the Basix products you must have for this weekend out.


Long Island Lady:

Long Island girls are famous for class and beauty. Start with these products to get the perfect Long Island look.


Southern Belle:

That southern charm starts with a great smile paired with the perfect lip stick.


American Woman:

Be proud to be an american. Standout and be who you were born to be.


Business Professional:

Get yourself ready for the office easy and quickly with these basix essentials.


College Student:

It doesnt take much to stand out from your classmates. Start with these basix essentials to get you ready for the classroom.


No Makeup:

Start with these products to get the “no makeup” look you desire.



Art is all about self expression. Start with you.



If chic and sophistication is the look you are going for, then look no further!



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Be the exotic and unique woman you are. Express yourself.



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